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Disney//Pixar visual development

Disney//Pixar visual development
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Character Design Kevin Pople, BA (Hons) Design: Illustration

Pople Illustrations (Character Design)

Illustration/Animation/Motion Graphics

Become Illustrated! I am an award winning Designer looking to apply my talent with Animation Artists who have a strong kinetic typography and kinetic infographics experience. I enjoy drawing storyboards and creating models for a Design/animated environment that includes backgrounds, sets and objects Design characters. I am looking to create each frame, work out the timing of movements and make sure things meet the script and soundtrack requirements. I am willing to use computer software, including learning the use of Modo, Maya, Lightwave, Softimage and others. I aim to work and present designs with/to clients (developing concepts, pitching ideas, etc.) whilst generating novel ideas, problem solving, liaising and working effectively with other design and production staff. I have a minimum of 4-5 years experience or good record of freelance client work over a good time period. My key skills are: Aesthetic sense, very good illustration skills, faithful storytelling, positive attitude, flexibility, able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. Software: My knowledge using: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Final Cut, 3D rendering packages, including but not limited to: Cinema 3d, 3D studio max, Maya, Solidworks, Modo, Lightwave etc.,… is not advanced, but I’m a good learner with experience in Adobe Photoshop, with a hope of expanding into InDesign kinetic typography and kinetic infographics experience. As this is a key focus for this role. Contact: 01248 602865 at http://www.colouradesign.carbonmade.com/

Kevin Pople (August 19, 1985 – ) is a Welsh designer: illustrator and character designer.

“Above average powers of inventivness, the work shows an exceptional imaginative ability, and a good use of techniques. Has the ability to describe space in a personal way.” – Peter Prendergast


"Kevin is a well-motivated and multi-faced young man, with a great knowledge of current affairs, as well as historical matters. He is a very creative person, and can think laterally as well as logically. He was a most popular member of his peer group, as well as his tutors at college. Kevin is a ‘people’ person, patient, and friendly, was always punctual and well mannered, and would, in my opinion be an excellent candidate for employment. Kevin is also a talented draughtsperson, and has a wide range of interests. Kevin enjoys debate and discussion and can articulate and form opinions to a high level. I would recommend Kevin most highly.” – Phil Jones, ex-design tutor of Burn Red design, 2010.

Passionate about graphic illustrations, interior design, logo design and teaching adults through experience and extensive skill. Working directly with you, I can produce contemporary family portraits, tattoo design and as part of benchmarking excellent customer service—free advice for my clients (as part of the team). I have a good knowledge of all business channels, and I’m gaining experience every day in everything I do. Why not give me a call? … (www.colouradesign.carbonmade.com). All material is Copyright © 2004-13, © 2013 The Art of Kevin Pople. All rights reserved.

My tutors taught me that a living art is always one which is applied to real life. It isn’t just a set of ideas which we have learned about or agree with in principle. We aren’t given blueprints for how to create in every situation or dilemma we face as artists. My artist lineage:

. Lorenzo di Bicci (Painter), Student of Lorenzo di Bicci:
. Bicci di Lorenzo (Painter & Architect), Student of Bici di Lorenzo:
. Neri de Bicci (Early Renaissance Painter), Student of Neri de Bicci:
. Cosimo Rosselli (Painter), Student of Cosimo Rosselli:
. Mariotto Albertinelli (High Renaissance Painter), Student of Mariotto Albertinelli:
. Innocenzo da Imola (Painter), Students of Innocenzo da Imola:
. Prospero Fontana (Late Renaissance Painter), Students of Prospero Fontana:
. Dennis Calvert (Mannerist Painter), Student of Dennis Calvert:
. Francesco Albani (Boroque Painter), Students of Francesco Albani & Pietro de Cortona (High Boroque Painter & Architect):
. Andrea Sacchi (High Boroque Classicism Painter), Student of Andrea Sacchi:
. Carlo Maratta (High Boroque Painter), Students of A. Claude & Carlo Maratta:
. Girard Audran (Engraver), Students of Claude Audran II (Painter) & Girard Audran:
. Claude Audran III (Interior Design), Students of Pont Notre Dame, Claude Audran III & Jaques-Albert Gerin (Painter):
. Jean-Antoine Watteau (Painter), Students of Jean-Antoine Watteau:
. Comte de Caylus (Archaeologist & Etcher), Students of Comte de Caylus:
. Francois Boucher (Painter, Engraver & Designer) & Joseph Marie Vien (Neoclassical Painter), Students of Joseph Marie Ven:
. Jaques-Louis David (Neoclassical Painter), Students of Jaques-Louis David:
. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (Neoclassical Painter), Students of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres:
. Louis Lamothe (Painter), Students of Louis Lamonthe:
. Edgar Degas (Impressionist Painter, Graphic Artist & Sculptor), Students of Edgar Degas & James Whistler (Painter, Etcher & Lithographer):
. Walter Sickert (Impressionist Painter), Students of Walter Sickert and Henri Tonks:
. David Bomberg (Painter), Students of David Bomberg:
. Frank Auerbach (Figurative Painter), Students of Frank Auerbach:
. Peter Prendergast (Landscape Painter), Students of Peter Prendergast:
. Iwan Parry (Landscape Painter), Owein Prendergast (Sculpturor) & Darren Hughes (Printmaker), Students of Peter, Iwan, Owein & Darren:
. Kevin James Pople (Illustrator) & Stuart James Burne (Fine Artist)

. Art: (A), GCSE: (Summer/02)
. Art & Design: (B), AS: (Summer/03)
. Art & Design: (Distinction), Foundation: (08/04)
. Peter Prendergast Drawing Prize: (Joint 2nd, /09)
. Received BA (Hons) in Design (Illustration): (10/07/09 – 29/10/09)

Home: http://colouradesign.carbonmade.com/projects/4602737#1
Blurb: http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/606242-the-kinship-of-the-ink?redirect=true
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Greek Potter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emo1TqV-rMg
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The Brethren: http://thebrethren.mixform.com/services

Suggested reading: Milan Kundera, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Arthur Rimbaud, Jack Kerouac, Zorba the Greek, Chaim Soutine, Eduardo Bertone, DC Comics, Jeff Lindsay, C. S. Lewis, Niccolo Machiavelli, Geoffrey Chaucer, Egon Schiele, Georgia O’Keeffe, El Greco, Thomas Francis Dicksee,

Cain Edwards, Sion Richards, Cefyn Burgess, Nippa, Sion Elidir, Anthony Robinson,